12.11.15 Compassionate Cafe Meeting

Compassionate Café   12.11.15


St Luke’s Cathedral

Present at Meeting:


Present: Arthur Fink; Quaker, Bushra and Qumral Islam:Muslim, Linda Carleton, Episcopal, Trish Vogel, Unity, Privash Rohani, Bahai, Nancy Markowitz, Buish, Lori Whittemore, Interfaith, Carol Gosselin, Swedenborgian, Pat Bartke, Unity; Bob Atkinson, Bahai


General Discussion:


Carol opened

Arthur offered a question for us to consider…what does particularly faith location tell us about peace.


2016 café meetings: based on survey results of folks availability, we will begin offering 3 meet ups per month, each at a different time. Whoever can attend, will attend and the content will be shared on the abbey of hope website and facebook page. The intention is keep this a meet=up event so that folks can show up once, once a month or at every meeting. Lori will be the consistency of the meetings and will attend each one and share the notes. Once sites for the meetings have been established, the schedule for the first 6 months will be posted and announced.


Dinner Dialogue November dialogue dinner was a huge success. 72 people attended representing 13 traditions/religions and we received 54 evaluations with overwhelming support to continue the program. Bushra and Amrul Islam offered to cater the next one and Reza Jalali offered space at USM. Next Dialogue dinner is scheduled on January 26, from 545-815. Mary Taddia, who attended the dinner, shared electronically with Lori, a program that is very similar to what we had done. It is called Menu for Peace. There was unanimous consent to use this program for January 26. Linda Carleton offered to communicate with the facilitiators. Lori will be point person for the logistics.


Friends Forever The Abbey of HOPE through Compassionate Café offered hospitality to a Friend’s Forever Life Raft trip of youth from Haifa Isreal this past summer and there was unanimous desire to continue to support their efforts. Some folks from CC are planning a field trip to visit the offices of Friends Forever in New Hampshire this winter to learn more about their operations. A in February Tuesday had been selected, however the folks at today’s meeting prefer a Friday meeting time, so Lori will check into that and coordinate a Friday trip.


Compassionate City/Community  Nancy Markowitz hosted a compassionate housing/city soup-in on December 2 to brainstorm how to approach the housing crisis in Portland. In attendance were Paul Review, Sr Pat Pora, Pat Bartke,  Nancy M, in conjunction with folks from CC have formed a Compassionate City/Campaign.  Paul Revier, Sister Pat Pora, Lori Whittemore, Pat Bartke and Rich Blumenthal shared soup in early December to discuss how to move Portland from being a signer of the Charter for Compassion to embracing the principles of being a Compassionate City/Community.  We will keep you updated through the newsletter and on our website.  Nancy met with USM Social Work School about having a social work intern help collect data about what issues need addressing versus what resources are in place to meet those needs with an eye on identifying an area that we could organize around to kick off a compassionate city campaign. USM suggested that they would assign an intern starting in the fall and Nancy could supervise. FMI information, contact Nancy Markowitz at nmark88@gmail.com.


Parivash offered to host a potluck at her house to talk about peace, perhaps using the Bahaullah’s statement on peace.



Schedule for meeting next year will be created and announced by year end.

Dinner dialogue coordination will happen by email.

Friends forever field trip will be announced when it is available.
Compassionate City updates will be shared a they are available.


Pass the Peace!

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