Walking With Spirit- 11.28.15


Walking With Spirit by Carol Gosselin
8 15 2015

Wow! What a message from Spirit.
Yesterday, eagle slowly circled over head…around and around.
Today, the light in my heart is about being, feeling the rhythmic current carrying higher vibrations of health and wholeness….more and more, over and over.
Forgive, Bless, and Be with each moment.
Caress and make love with each tender sacred space.
Trust spirit knows exactly what is going on and will not be denied.
She cannot hesitate in F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) nor play with doubt.
She flows down the mid-way surfing the current of oneness, totally illuminated in love and peace-filled surrender.
No “hurry and worry” pull her apart in hopeless despair.
She walks in beauty and is always a part of the conversation.
Who is she? She is my heart and soul aligned with the Divine Great Spirit.
For me, spirituality is found when I look up and feel the air, and religion is on the
ground, grounded in physical life.
Interfaith honors and respects the ability to respond to the interplay of connections always in a process of co-arising: the great wheel of life that evolves and revolves with more understanding and awareness and deeper lovingkindness and compassion releases acceptance of diversity nurtured in unity.
It’s way O.K., in fact crucially essential, for me to have “my head in the clouds” AND my feet on the ground.
My heart has developed the soul and they have become a bridge of connection that blesses the spaces in between.
All the poets I have admired sing poetic justice throughout my soul.
AL WAKIL is one of the 99 names for Allah and yesterday’s meditation.
This golden energy means “The Trustee”, and today, has impact on former beliefs, current perceptions, values, ethics, and motives.
More purpose and deeper meaning are reflected to my spirit.
My heart knows the way for me, and now, she and soul collaborate in love holding a higher idea that transforms everything into a field of luminosity where all sentient beings walk in grace.
And So It Is




Carol Gosselin is an interfaith minister ordained from The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine in 2014 . The quality of life she embraces is rooted in holistic well-being.

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