Iceland by Mary Schmaling-Kearns



Thank you for this moment of pause

Of quiet stillness

You wrap your earthen arms

Around my heart and my mind

So I can hear my self


Take me away from all that is built

Created by human hands

As you press your spirit so close

to mine that I cannot escape

Your beating heart

pulsing in this landscape

Strong & vital as these mountains

Giving me deeper breaths

that keep me alive

Thank you for the delivery

of myself

I can exist simply

As the water does flow


With out trying

to its destination


MARY SCHMALING-KEARNS is an artist and the soul of the Eye of Henna; Beauty for the Body and Home. A henna artist that designs and creates henna expressions for any number of occasions. She has traveled to india to study the art of Mehndi.
She has been around the country doing henna art mehndi since 1996…from Mardi Gras to International music fairs.

Mary holds a BFA in photography and is a respected multi-media artist. She has exhibited her work in galleries and participated as an artist in shows, lectures and conferences all over the world. She is a Usui Reiki master in magical way. She has special experience providing henna tattoos for weddings, for pregnant woman and for woman who have had mastectomies to create a beautiful connection to the changing form.

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