A Full Table



A Full Table

It’s a full table
When I sit with my feelings
And nobody talks
I’ll make friends with them
They just might teach me something
And won’t have to shout
So I’m curious
What do you have to tell me
I ask closest one
It looks surprised, then
They all seem to talk at once

This might take practice

Myra Robinson photo

Myra Robinson started off in art school, but then was a Medical Secretary for many years, before finding her calling in a music, art, and writing. Currently, she is a student at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME) to become an Interfaith Minister; and as part of her internship she facilitates a class on journal writing as a spiritual practice for women. She is an accomplished singer/songwriter in her band Bluezberry Jam, and sings locally in several groups including the hospice choir, Harbour Singers, that sings for those at end-of-life. She is a teacher of “Creative Songwriting” at conferences and adult ed., and conducts music workshops called “Sacred Sounds and Song” for My Sister’s Keeper, a mentoring program for incarcerated (and recently released) women to help them integrate back into the community. Since starting this spiritual journey, Myra has developed a practice of what she calls, Prayer Poetry that combines her talents as a wordsmith with a desire to channel Grace. She is deepening that experience of connection by continuing to be of service to her community, and challenging herself to, as she puts it, “let Spirit flow from the music of my soul.

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