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A Baha’i Reflection
America’s Most Challenging Issue

Racism is arguably the most challenging issue confronting America. We are a nation whose ancestry includes every people on earth, whose motto is E pluribus unum, whose ideals of freedom under law have inspired millions of people throughout the world. We cannot continue to harbor prejudice against any racial or ethnic group without betraying ourselves.
Racism is an affront to human dignity. It is a cause of hatred and division, a disease that devastates society. In spite of the efforts already expended for its elimination, racism continues to work its evil upon this nation. Progress toward tolerance, mutual respect, and unity has been painfully slow. It is marked with repeated setbacks. The recent resurgence of divisive racial attitudes, the increased number of racial incidents, and the deepening despair of minorities and the poor make the need for solutions ever more pressing and urgent. To ignore the problem is to expose the country to physical, moral and spiritual danger.
The root cause of racism is the failure to fully embrace the concept of the “Oneness of Humanity”. The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in the making of a perfect chord.

The above reflection is a synopsis of a document prepared by the Baha’i Community and summarized by Nasser Rohani, a member of the Portland Baha’i community. The document expresses concern about the deep rooted racial disunity in our nation.

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