Reflectionary by Rev Carol Gosselin July 11, 2015


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Quote from Brother David Steindl-Rast.

The stillness of hope is the expression of a perfect focusing of energy on the task at hand, therefore the stillness of integrity. Hope integrates. It makes whole. The open-minded attitude of the Buddhists “don’t know” allows for stillness allows for wisdom and depth of understanding that can transform past and future and lead to conscious action that can help shape the future.

Hope looks at all things like a mother looks at her child, with a passion for the possible that creates a sacred space to unfold and looks to the heart of all things. Hope is a blessings. To bless is to increase. The stillness is neither passive waiting or unrealistic forcing.
by Brother David Steindl-Rast.


Connections join into one complete cycle creating an ending along with a new beginning. Kind compassion is the gentle offering from the universe. The space in between rests in a pausing silence that spreads, growing in the gaps. There is a precious quality present.

I am re-membered in the walk that takes me full circle. All the children’s books that hold wisdom and energy breathe in me still. The ones that found me express through me in a new way. No longer just words on a page and beautiful illustrations, they all point homeward. Like an incubator, I have kept them safe and warm in my womb until it was their time. All ahead of their time, inner visions blaze a trail.


Carol Gosselin is an interfaith minister ordained from The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine in 2014 . The quality of life she embraces is rooted in holistic well-being.

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