Reflectionary by Bob Atkinson



Remembrance by Robert Atkinson

Transcendence and remembrance are two halves of a cyclical process. Remembrance, the conscious effort of reflecting on and listening to our thoughts in prayer and meditation, helps us to achieve transcendence. Transcendence helps us remember more of what we may have once known, as souls having come from an eternal realm. As a regular practice, remembrance can help us become and remain conscious of who we are as spiritual beings, and how everyday events and circumstances affect and influence us.

At the heart of most spiritual practice, what is left when we move beyond form and language, is simply remembering. Remember who you are. Remember what you love. Remember what is sacred. Remember what is true. Remember that you will die, and that this day is a gift. Remember how you wish to live, and that you will return to where you came from.

Remembrance removes the dust of life and allows the light within us to shine. As we mature spiritually, our remembrance grows deeper and moves us along the continuum away from material attachments and toward a state of constant remembrance of the Divine.




Robert Atkinson, founding director of Eliot Institute, is the author of eight books and professor emeritus of human development and religious studies at the University of Southern Maine. His memoir is Remembering 1969: Searching For the Eternal in Changing Times (2008). His most recent book is Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story (2012). Information on his books can be found at

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