Reflectionary by Dana Sawyer



Interconnectedness of all things by Dana Sawyer

There is the view that teaches a profound interconnectivity between all things in nature because all things are ultimately, in their metaphysical essence, are only one thing. From Huston’s perspective, based on decades of studying the worlds’ religions, the mystics of all traditions inevitably find themselves preaching about that ONE thing, which is the BEING underlying all beings – and generating all beings, as white light gives birth to all colors. When the mystic melts into the essence of reality, they experience freedom from the illusion that they exist only as discreet minds, locked inside discreet bodies, in specific times and places. They taste the infinite and eternal foundation of reality that is beyond all differences and differentiation. And they taste bliss, because they are liberated from all boundaries. In that state, they are letting their being rest in – and be synonymous with – the essential being at the root of existence.




Dana Sawyer is a scholar from our community. He is a Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the Maine College of Art. He is the author of two critically acclaimed spiritual biographies, of Aldous Huxley (2002) and Huston Smith (2014).

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