Reflectonary by Elaine McGillicuddy


THE INNER ROOM by Elaine McGillicuddy

The moment I cross
my inner room’s door –
there’s the mirror
myself to me.

It confirms I’m home.

My eyelids closed,
in this dark I see more light –
like stars at night.

When I leave from here,
fears dropped –
I’m lighter, and
more free.


Elaine G. McGillicuddy, a native Mainer, is a retired high school teacher of English composition. She lived in Missouri, New York, Massachusetts, and Waterville, Maine, during the 15½ years she was an Ursuline nun. In 1968, while Campus Minister at Colby College, during the heady anti-Vietnam war years, she met and later married Francis A. McGillicuddy after he left the clerical priesthood.

Her third book, “SING TO ME AND I WILL HEAR YOU – New Poems” will be published by September. Her fourth book, THIS NEW LIFE – A Widow’s Journal is in progress. Find more information about Elaine and her works on her website

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