Reflectionary, By Rev Kate Albert Dawn, Spiritual Seeds


               art by Rev Tamara Pride

Spiritual Seeds

When fruits mature and seeds are set — seeds are ready. They have every nutrient they need inside the seed coat for sprouting. All seeds in our northern cold climate are dormant. Most seeds are not deep in the earth in winter — some need to stay on the top of the soil because they need sunlight in spring for germination (rooting and shooting). Most seeds cannot be planted too deeply or they will rot before the shoot reaches the surface.

Some need winter dormancy for a certain number of days. Some need light, some need scarification to let water in, some need certain soil fungi to penetrate the seed coat, some need extreme heat, some need cold…you get the picture. After a seed sprouts and its first true leaves appear is when a plant needs the sun, water, and the minerals in the soil for photosynthesis and growth.

To sum it up: The seed lies dormant. When the winter eases and spring approaches, the earth (soil) thaws, releasing moisture that acts as a suspension substrate for the minerals necessary for growth.

When the student is ready the teacher appears and offers the fruit. The spiritual seed is planted. Winter and dark nights of the soul must relent for the new seed to sprout into being. The dark days of January and cabin fever of February precede spring. Divine timing thaws the heart just as the sun thaws the soil’s frozen moisture that penetrates the seed coat that commences sprouting and growth. Just like a seed, we have everything internal available to us for spiritual growth – rooting into spirituality, shooting into higher consciousness.

Kate Albert Dawn

The Rev Kate Albert Dawn is a 2014 graduate of ChIME. She is a passionate Horticulturist/Botanist

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