Reflectionary by Dana Demers

Winter Woods by Dana Demers

In winter wood
Where spirit soars
Tales and stories
Left so clear

Gifts in answers
By silent voice
In wind through trees
With windswept limbs

She soars with grace
In ways unseen
Stark contrast blazon
White on black

Shared tales of
Eternal knowing
Unknown ’til now
But for those who’ve stopped

Given this time
Of peace in space
Stop and hear
This faceless face

Walk and stop
Listen now
Her words are silent
As she howls

Listen closely
Clearly hear
In silence comes
Wisdom of years


Dana pix

Dana enjoys hiking, walking, skiing and fly fishing in the woods and mountains, as this is where his spirit is able to be free. He was ordained from the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, ChIME, in 2011 as an Interfaith Minister and also spent many years studying the practices of the Peruvian Shaman. Dana is blessed to be in a lifetime relationship with another spiritual being who fills his being daily with love, joy and peace.


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