You are more than a drop in the ocean-by Lori Whittemore

drop in the ocean

You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop

How extraordinary to think of ourselves as the complex, amazing, abundant creations that we are. Often people are so narrowly focused that they can only see themselves or their lives as a drop in the ocean, or a drop in the bucket. It comes from a feeling of scarcity, a feeling that we are not enough, rather than acknowledging the miraculous culmination of evolution and creation, and elements.

I am the entire ocean, informs me that I have everything I need to sustain me, within me. I have systems and nutrients, and I have other life thriving inside my being. There is no scarcity in an ocean. Pollution perhaps, but not scarcity. And there is no real scarcity inside me. Maybe sugar and caffeine, but certainly a lot more than that. I am not a teeny tiny piece of a huge thing. So tiny that who or what I am doesn’t matter. I have and am all things in myself. That amalgam of all things, is a part of an amalgam of whole other things.

Does seeing yourself as a complex, ocean or galaxy change the way your feel about creation? I invite you to reflect on this today. You are not just a drop in the ocean or a star in the galaxy. You are the ocean in a drop or a galaxy in a star….


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Rev Lori Whittemore graduated from Bangor Theological Seminary in 2010 and was ordained by Chaplaincy Institute of Maine in 2014. She serves as a hospice chaplain at Hospice of Southern Maine and is a volunteer chaplain for the American Red Cross. She is the founder of the Abbey of HOPE.

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