Coyote Breathing by Rev Wendy Linares


Coyote Breathing by Rev. Wendy Linares

It’s not the memory of the coyote being struck in the middle of Rte. 128 on a beautiful crisp winter day. It’s not the kind face of the state trooper who agreed not to put it down on the spot. It’s not actually NOT knowing if it lived or died after the rescue. It’s not me watching it crawl off the road all blood gushing from its mouth.

It’s not just the kindness of the woman who also pulled over. It’s not the tears she cried as she made countless phone calls to get someone to come and help save the coyote. It’s not the fact that many others would have seen the attempt to try and save this animal a ridiculous effort… a waste of time and energy.

It’s not being a little apprehensive about praying aloud with her as cars whizzed by. It’s not two strangers meeting and becoming instant comrades as a life hung in the balance.

It’s not the memory of the thorns on those branches grabbing at her skirt and stockings or pulling on my coat as we attempted to make our way closer to him.

It’s not the memory of the woman and three others who arrived an hour and a half later, bushwacking their way to the coyote to help. It’s not watching them finally carrying him out wrapped in a blanket and placing him in the “animal ambulance.”

What I hope stays with me…what has been feeding my soul..what is playing over and over like a movie is looking for that injured coyote from the edge of the breakdown lane. I saw it go into the thicket and thorns. I saw the trail of blood. I saw all the grays and browns, the decaying leaves, the branches, the drab that can be winter and waiting and death and loneliness. And then I saw it. I saw the gift that is life, right smack dab in the middle of hopelessness. A small patch of fur yards away rising and falling in that life affirming rhythmn.

I want to remember.

wendy linares

Rev. Wendy Linares comes to our community from Massachusetts. She is a 2014 graduate of ChIME. She has a passion for nature, for creating, for wondering and for being open to the many ways that God may be speaking. In all things, she is grateful!

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