Reflectionary by Rev Cathy Grigsby


Deep Silence



Steam rising from the brook

            on a fridgid morning

Clean clear expanses of white

            broken only by silent trees

              exposing endless tangles of branches reaching skyward

Dazzling glitter of crystals branket the world

            finer than the most expensive diamond

Distraction of colors and moving things

            are but a memory

Silence settles on the land

            moves me inward

Takes me home, beyond the call of things

            To rest in your warm embrace.





Rev. Cathy Grigsby is an Interfaith Minister, artist, retired art teacher, Arts Minister for Chime and Coordinator of the Interfaith Ministers of New England

One thought on “Reflectionary by Rev Cathy Grigsby

  1. Cathy,
    I love the images in your poem. During the blizzard I was lost in the beauty of the snow covering the marsh. Your words “Silence settles… takes me home… in your warm embrace” especially touched my soul. Thank you!

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