Reflectionary by Dana Sawyer with art by Tamara Pride

Abbey of HOPE (hands of peace extended) January 11, 2015

by Tamara Pride
Painting by Tamara Pride
Primordial Spirituality by Dana Sawyer

“Every emptiness we feel is ‘being’ eclipsed, all restlessness a flailing for the being that we need, all joy the evidence of being found.” Huston Smith

Huston Smith is both a mystic and scholar, who embraces Aldous Huxley’s view that there is a primordial spirituality implicit in all reality, including that aspect of reality we call our ‘soul’. This is the religion of nature, and this is the religion based on what transcends nature. This is the religion that nobody has to think up or write scriptures about, because those scriptures are already written in our very being.

And in those moments that register as timeless, when we are alone in a forest, on top of a mountain, walking by the seashore or sitting quietly in meditation, this timelessness of the ONE within us floats forward into our purview, and we know that we are home at last, and have never – except in our delusion – ever been anywhere else.

dana sawyer

Dana Sawyer is a scholar from our community. He is a Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the Maine College of Art. He is the author of two critically acclaimed spiritual biographies, of Aldous Huxley (2002) and Huston Smith (2014).

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