The Divine in Nature

Grant me the ability to be alone,
May it be my custom to go outdoors each day
Among the trees and grasses,
Among all growing things
And there may I be alone,
And enter into prayer
And talk with the one
That I belong to.

Rabbi Nachman of Bratislava

I hope that you are getting outdoors on these beautiful fall days to experience the miracles of creation. I know how deeply I experience the Divine in the crispy, colored leaves and crispy (normally cool) fall air.  How can we not believe in something more, when we take the chance to see, smell and listen to the magic of this season of transitions.

I invite you to focus on one piece of natural evidence of the changing season.  Pick up a leaf, for instance.  Study the color and the veins.  Feel the texture.  Give thanks for this piece of creation!  Talk with the One that you belong to.



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