Our Task is not to seek God-Hasidic Proverb

Our task is not to seek God, God is already here.  Our task is to realize it.

Hasidism, is a form of Judaism that evolved in eastern Europe in the late 19th Century. It has been described as a form of Judaism that centers itself on spirituality, internalizing and practicing Jewish mysticism. By definition it is a mystical movement. You may recognize the followers, Hasidiim, by their appearance. Men tend to wear interesting hats depending that reflect their specific culture, long beards, and curls on the sideburns called payots. They typically have fringe from a prayer shall showing. Hasidic women adhere to modest dress standards, wearing long skirts and shirts that cover their skin and hats in a plain fashion.

Hasidic is based on the Hebrew word, Chesed (חסד, hesed, khesed) This is one of Hebrew words for love. Hebrew language has many words for love in its differing nuances. There are different words for physical love, brotherly love, romantic love. Hesed means loving kindness and deep abiding love. In other words, the thorough, all inclusive, all infusive love of God. Many Jewish thinkers, spiritualists and practitioners see chesed as the core message of the Divine, the ultimate reality of Divinity, the value of which humanity and in fact all creation was formed, works toward and will be fulfilled by.

From the movement and people who center their identity by the name of loving kindness, we derive this un-attributed proverb.

Our task is not to seek the Divine, the Divine is with us, our task is to realize it. (Hasidic Proverb)

For logic sake, let’s reframe this proverb for a moment. The Divine, therefore is known by it’s ultimate reality and all encompassing nature that is loving kindness. Our task is not to seek love, acceptance, affirmation, peace, joy, blessing. By the very nature of creation, it permeates our very being. Our task is to recognize our nature of and as loving kindness, and live fully into it.

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