Lughnadasadh takes place on August 1. It is a traditional Gaelic festival that is orginaially a harvest festival. It is celebrated worldwide by this and other names. In Scotland and Ireland it is known by Lughnasadh. In Wales it is know as Calan Awst and in England it is known as Lammas. It happens approximately halfway between summer solstice and autumn equinox.

In old Irish/gaelic the name was a combination of name of the god Lugh, and nasad which is the word for assembly. There were many activities associated with the holiday. One activity was was hiking and climbing one or more or Ireland’s prominent hills as a way of making pilgrimage.



For reflection:


Do you celebrate or mark harvest in any way? What significance is it to celebrate harvest? Can you think of one activity you might participate in to offer gratitude or honor the gift of summer bounty?


Peace and Blessings for Lughnasadh











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